Benefits of a dedicated internet connection for your business

Why we should use dedicated internet for business?

When you sign-up for your business broadband internet, you will probably have been told some impressive download speeds that your connection can achieve. Unfortunately, ‘can’ is the key word. They are actually sharing your bandwidth with others and result is simple, connection will be simple during peak hours.

With a regular internet connection, you’re sharing the line with other people in your building, street or even neighborhood, the connection is not secured at all. Anybody from the same sharing network with good IT knowledge can get your confidential files, documents even transaction details.

So, as we mentioned above, if all the staff in the office next door are watching a cat video, your internet speed will suffer as a result. A dedicated internet line is the ideal way to avoid that.

Uncounted service

A dedicated broadband internet line is uncounted have no download limit or fair uses policy. That means you’re not competing with anybody else for the resources available; it’s all for your business. As a result, your internet speeds are reliable, consistent and very, very fast.

How fast?

How fast do you need? At InfoLink, we offer a range of access speeds from 5Mbp/s up to 1Gbp/s anywhere in Dhaka.

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