An small endeavor to clean Bangladesh

  • Infolink Limited
  • 19-Jan-2020

Waste management and plastic have been one of the biggest problems the world is facing right now. It’s being a threat to the planet, the environment and to the wildlife. The rivers, seas, oceans are getting filled by so much of waste and the underwater wildlife is dying. Cox bazar is our main tourist attraction and every day thousands of tourists visit the beach and while visiting they dump the beach with all kinds of waste materials such as chips packets, plastic water bottles, drinks bottles etc. Plastic is very much harmful to the environment right now. Because of so much of plastic use the oceans, seas are getting filled up by plastic and the underwater living creatures are being harmed the most.

Cox Bazar Student Society recently took an initiative to clean the beach on the 9th of January 2020. They started from kolatoli point and finished at the laboni point. They approached school, college and university students to join them. They were seen to collect chips packets, chocolate packets, plastic bottles and other waste materials. The volunteers divided themselves into small groups and one of the groups went to clean the beach and the other group went to the people the tourists, the restaurant owners, the hotel owners to tell about the seriousness of the problem and encourage them to dump waste in dustbins. Surprisingly the tourist people were also seen to join them to help them clean the beach. They have also talked to the tourist police and the related bodies to take necessary steps toward better waste management. We hope and pray that CSS keeps working towards a better tomorrow.

Infolink Limited is a great supporter of this idea as we don’t only work towards the technological developments but are also very much enthusiast and concerned about the positive changes of the world and wish for the betterment of the country and the environment. Infolink Limited has always been beside CSS and support their every decision and action they take to save the planet. Infolink Limited has always supported the idea of creating environmental awareness to the people of the country and supported each and every initiative towards it. We understand the importance of saving the planet the environment and maintaining the ecological balance to lead a healthy life. We hope that such organizations keep working towards a better tomorrow and infolink  Limited will always be there for any kind of support.

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