Is Bioscope free in Infolink’s Network?

-No, Bioscope is a premium platform and You have to pay Bioscope not Infolink -Info Link has peering with Bioscope, that’s why you can watch all Bioscope episodes without buffering. -You will get faster speed while using Bioscope in Info...

Is there any promotional offer or discount offer?

-It depends. Please follow our Facebook page: InfoLink Limited

Ensured download speed and upload speed?

-Till Singapore server we will ensure you 75% on dedicated connection, Shared bandwidth can not be ensured.

How many devices can work using 5Mbps bandwidth?

-It depends on the client. But bandwidth will be shared according to client’s device quantity

Why the price of OTC, MRC is so much high?

- It depends on service quality. We are trying to give the best quality service at a reasonable price

What is the difference between classic and pro fiber?

-You will get real IP in pro packages but not in classic one. In terms of Service Pro will get more priority